Leaving Plants in Greenhouse


Before you leave your plants with us for any reason please follow this checklist:

If your plant is mildly ill from a pest infestation or a disease, leave the plant OUTSIDE the greenhouse doors on the floor or cart (if provided).  Do not touch any other plants inside the greenhouse after handling your plant.  We will do our best to take care of your plant's problem and isolate it from the main collection.

If your plant is heavily ill from a pest infestation or disease, it may be destroyed if left near or inside our greenhouse.  Please do your best to clear up most of the problem yourself or at an open potting session.

Place healthy plants labeled with your name/e-mail in the second student room on the right hand side as you enter the greenhouse from the building.  Any plants that suddenly appear in the main collection without the managers knowing may be destroyed.  Please use the proper room.

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Leaving plants over break


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