Saintpaulia hybrids

Common names:  African violets

Light needs:  Medium to high indirect light.  Fluorescent lights work well also.

Best temperatures:  Warm, steady conditions.

Water and humidity needs:  Allow soil dry out between watering.  Avoid getting water directly on the leaves.  It is best to water from the bottom of the pot up.

Growing guidelines:  Use African violet mix in shallow pots.  Repot every year.  Fertilize twice a month in the spring and summer with an African violet fertilizer.  Keep leaves dust free.

Common problems:  Mealybugs and aphids.  If the soil is too dry, the temperature is too high, or there is not enough light, the plant may have a lack of flowers.  Cold water will cause spots on leaves.

Propagation:  Leaf cuttings.  Plant leaf with its stem in a moist but loose medium.

Comments:  These make good dorm plants.

Currently in Greenhouse:  Yes.


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