Various genera

Light needs:  Low to high light, depending on orchid.

Best temperatures:  Cool to warm, depending on orchid.  A temperature drop at night is often essential, especially in fall, to set buds.

Water and humidity needs:  Allow to dry between watering.  Overwatering can be deadly!  Extra humidity yields better blooms and growth.

Growing guidelines:  Grow in small pots of well drained epiphytic mix (orchid mix).  Repot after blooms with fresh mix.  Fertilize twice a month with a weak solution of fish emulsion, manure tea, or all-purpose fertilizer.

Common problems:  Aphids, mealybugs, and scales.

Propagation:  Divide sympodial types, leaving three stems on each.  Remove rooted offshoots from monopodial types.

Comments:  Around 25,000 species and 100,000 hybrids!!

Currently in Greenhouse:  Yes


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