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Hoya spp.

Common names:  Wax vine, Honey plant, Porcelain flower

Light needs:  High light

Best temperatures:  Intermediate to warm conditions not below 50F (10C)

Water and humidity needs:  Never water with cold water.  Let soil dry out between watering.  Water just enough to prevent shriveling in winter.

Growing guidelines:  Grow in a peat-moss-based mix.  Wind stems counterclockwise if you wise to have it vine around a support.  Fertilize once in spring.  Do not move when flowering.  Usually must be 3ft long (90cm) before blooming occurs.

Common problems:  Mealybugs

Propagation:  Cuttings of previous year's growth in spring.

Comments:  The starry buds and blooms produced by this flower are numerous and unique.

Currently in Greenhouse:  Yes


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