Various genera

Common names:  Cacti

Light needs:  High light, direct sun.

Best temperatures:  Average room temperature most of the year with cooler conditions in winter 40-65F (4.5-18C).

Water and humidity needs:  Water thoroughly and wait until the soil surface is dry before watering again.  Decrease water from May through December; give almost no water in the winter.  Low humidity is fine for cacti.

Growing guidelines:  Keep potbound in well-drained clay pots of all-purpose mix with added sand.  Fertilize once a year in spring.  Provide a cool, dry period in winter.

Common problems:  If a cool, dry period is not provided in the winter, the plant may produce weak, spindly growth.  Overwatering may lead to wilting and root rot.

Propagation:  Stem/leaf cuttings, offsets, and seeds.  Grafting is also possible with most cactus.

Currently in Greenhouse:  Yes


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