Various genera

Common names:  Bromeliads, Air plants, Living vase plants

Light needs:  High light with some direct sun.

Best temperatures:  Warm conditions or around 60F (16C).

Water and humidity needs:  Keep the center cups of the "soft" vase-shaped types filled with rainwater; drain and refill every 1-2 weeks.  The "hard" vase-shaped types may rot if the centers are filled with too much water (best to water through soil).  Bromeliads that do not require soil should be misted or soaked under water (1-2 minutes) every other day. 

Growing guidelines:  These grow best in clay pots and an epiphytic wood chip mix (orchid mix).  Cactus soil may also work.

Common problems:  Too much light can burn the leaves.  If using tap water, wash/rinse out any hard water stains left after the water evaporates.

Propagation:  Remove offsets or grow from seeds.

Comments:  These tend to flower very dramatically.

Currently in Greenhouse:  Yes


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