Aglaeonema spp.

Common Names:  Chinese evergreens

Light needs:  Low (even dark).

Best temperatures:  Warm, 65F (18C) nights to 85F (29C) days.

Water and humidity needs:  Keep just moist.  Use unchlorinated water.  Allow tap water to sit in the open overnight before using.  Provide extra humidity.

Growing guidelines:  Pot in peat-based mix.  Repot when plant looks tired.

Common problems:  Brown leaf edges indicate dry air, bad drainage, or too much minerals or salts from tap water.  Leaf variegation fades in too much light.  Mealybugs can hide at leaf bases.

Propagation:  Stem cuttings by dividing the stalks, or air layer at any time.

Comments:  A perfect dorm plant!

Currently in Greenhouse:  Yes


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