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Complete List of Plants in Greenhouse
  • This page includes a picture, scientific name, common name(s), and care instructions for every plant in the greenhouse.
Plant Sales
  • Click here to find out what plants we have for sale, where they are located, or any specials that are currently available.
Plant Troubleshooting
  • Is your plant sick?  Does it look a little weird?  Want to know what is wrong with it?  Maybe this can help you.
Common Household Pests and Prevention
  • Want kinds of pests out there?  Need a natural recipe to kill them or do you want to just nuke them with chemicals?
Open Potting Information
  • Come to our greenhouse on designated days/times to use our free soil, pots, fertilizer, pest control products, and advice.
Leaving Plants in the Greenhouse
  • Information on how to donate plants to the greenhouse, and how to leave plants with us over school breaks.
Greenhouse Manager Duties and Volunteering
  • Find out what exactly the greenhouse managers have to do each week and how to become part of it.
Ask a Manager
  • Find out how to contact a manager for specific questions not answered in this website.
Links and References
  • Favorite links and references used to identify and build this website.

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